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Have you always had the ambition of working for a startup? Have you always wanted to get involved in new market launches and building the next big thing? Now you have the opportunity. Wetrust Interactive is looking for a native speaker to help one of our customer opening its activity across Europe. You will be working closely with our Head of Marketing, to launch and make the brand a success in Italy. You will be taught everything about E-Commerce, online marketing and digital entrepreneurship in a very short period of time and will get involved in all parts of the business, from being in contact with our customers to working on optimizing the site and working on online marketing and PR.  This is a great opportunity to learn from seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals.


We are preferably looking for someone for a 6 month internship. After the internship has ended there is a strong possibility of staying in the company in a full-time position.

What is Wetrust Interactive ?

Wetrust Interactive is fresh and rapidly expanding global ecommerce. We offer our customers a full service ecommerce solution including design, marketing, web development, customer service, supply chain. The next critical piece of the jigsaw is to bring in the key people who will work with us to make this happen.  

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